Hallmark Series

How do time compression, overall savings and one source of responsibility sound to you? To us, it sounds like the level of control you get with our Hallmark series design/build delivery method. In short, our Hallmark design build delivery method eliminates the risk of delay, unnecessary expense and unwanted design complications. It offers peace of mind, early opportunity for client knowledge and input, cost-effective design and, best of all, the ability to get into operation soon than any other delivery method.

It is important to note that the design/build method, while not focused on saving the owner construction costs, none-the-less, often saves the owner money on the overall project. The combined effects of carrying a construction loan (which typically carries a higher interest rate than permanent financing) and an earlier useful operational date usually yields considerable overall profitability to the project and may make seemingly unfeasible projects into genuine opportunities.

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a system of contracting under which one entity performs both architectural/engineering design and the actual construction work.

In the "traditional" contracting approach, the owner commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications, and separately selects a construction builder or construction manager either by negotiation or competitive bidding.

The "design/build" team is closely involved in production a project with meets the owner's needs as well as acting as professional advisors to the owner. The owner deals with a unified design-build team working together on his behalf instead of divided responsibility in "traditional" contracting.

Advantages of Design/Build

Undivided Responsibility Design/Build
Design/Build contracting provides both architecture/engineering and construction resources under a single contract. The owner looks to a single entity responsible for design, construction, cost control, quality assurance, schedule adherence and performance of the finished project. The results in clearly fixed responsibility, maximum cost control, faster schedules with immediate responsiveness and fewer change orders.

The client can exercise his desired degree of control over design, with the added advantage of continuously knowing the cost implications of each decision. The client's control of the entire process is strengthened by contracting with a single firm unconditionally committed to the success of his project.

Early Knowledge of Costs

The design-build team, working closely with the client, accurately conceptualizes the completed project at an early stage. Continuous and concurrent estimating during the development of design results in knowledge of firm overall cost far sooner than is traditionally possible. this process also permits making early decisions - which have the greatest impact upon cost - in an informed, cost-based environment. Time savings.

Design and construction are fast tracked with bidding periods and redesign time eliminated. Long-delivery components are identified and ordered early in the design process. Therefore, total design-construction expertise are brought to bear upon all components of a project from site work through mechanical and electrical systems. BEcause cost evaluation is progressively "feedback" into the design process as it proceeds - not after design is complete - decisions affecting cost and design are continuously optimized.

Because the builder is responsible for both design and construction, cost overruns resulting from design error or faulty coordination are the responsibility of the builder, not owner. The owner pays only for scope changes which he initiates.


Having development capabilities allows us to also provide leasing options to qualified clients. Design/Build/Lease provides the same advantages as Design/Build with added advantage that you don't have to make equity investments and arrange financing for a customized building/. By lease or lease purchase options, the owner can keep his cash equity for operational needs and let us finance the "build to suit" building.